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Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to start a business in New York? The formation of any sort of business enterprise requires the services of experienced business legal experts to ensure smooth start-up.

At Steffy Law P.C., we welcome the opportunity to act as trusted guides for you as you embark on setting up your business. We provide you with all the necessary legal tools to help you start-up your business and ensure it is set on a solid legal foundation for future success.

Corporate formation can be a daunting enterprise and to this end, we are committed to simplifying the process for our clients. As your Corporate Formation legal counsel, we take up all the arduous and painstaking aspects of the process.

We at Steffy Law P.C. can offer advice on the various business entities and how best each will suit your proposed corporate plans. Selecting the right business entity for your proposed corporate plan is essential for the success of the enterprise. It is an important decision that must be made by any entrepreneur and it should not be made without seeking expert legal counsel. We have assisted many clients over the years in deciding the best business entity for their business plans. Our expertise in this area covers all the business entity models and as such we have been involved in the formation of diverse businesses for our clients based on all the major business entities such as:

  • LLCs (Limited Liability Companies)

  • LLPs (Limited Liability Partnerships)

  • PLLCs (Professional Limited Liability Companies)

  • Corporations, both Profit and Non-Profit

As a law firm, we at Steffy Law P.C. have worked with numerous clients in setting up their companies. We provide legal advisory services on corporate formation, contractual matters, and sundry preliminary corporate formation issues.

We take great pride in providing convenient and efficient legal services for both aspiring and consummate entrepreneurs who require different levels of guidance. Our full range of corporate formation legal services is designed to the specific needs of our clients while also ensuring that all regulatory laws and guidelines are followed strictly. Some of the corporate formation legal services offered by us include:

  • Selection of business entity

  • LLC formation and publication

  • Operating agreement

  • Shareholders agreement

  • Independent contractor agreement

  • Non-compete and Non-disclosure agreements

For all your corporate formation needs, get in touch with us today at Steffy Law P.C. and let us set you along the path to assured success in business.

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