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A Will is a legal document which transfers the assets of a testator to his or her chosen beneficiaries which could include relatives, friends or charity organizations. It is also referred to as a Last Will & Testament.

The value of a Will cannot be over emphasized. A carefully drafted Will is a great tool to protect your legacy, ensuring that your family and chosen beneficiaries gain access to your estate. It is also a means of preventing the occurrence of unnecessary estate taxes and guaranteeing that your wishes are carried out with regards to your estate.

At Steffy Law P.C., we help our clients prepare their Last Will & Testament using appropriate legal tools to protect our client’s assets from probate costs and also preserving these assets for the intended beneficiaries. We assist our estate planning clients on drawing up wills that transfer certain rights upon their demise to designated persons. These rights include guardianship of children, control of business enterprises etc.

We also provide detailed advisory services to our clients with regards to using Wills as a veritable means of estate planning. We at Steffy Law P.C. believe that Wills aren’t only meant for elderly clients. We advise our clients on the importance of drawing up a Will as a means of protecting their legacy in the event of an untimely demise. All of our clients are reminded of the fact that they have worked hard to create some level of financial security for themselves and these assets ought to be protected for the benefit of future generations to come.

You have worked hard so that your intended beneficiaries such as family and loved ones can reap the benefits of your hard work and good decisions after your demise. Safeguard these hard-earned assets of yours by getting professional legal counsel from the experts at Steffy Law P.C. Get in touch with us today by phone or email and let us set an appointment to discuss further on how to ensure your legacy lives on after you.

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