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Letters of Trusteeship is a court document which indicates that the nominated trustee of an estate is appointed to serve as the trustee for that estate. In a typical probate petition proceeding, when a will is brought before the New York Surrogate Court for probate, the court issues Letters Testamentary. Letters Testamentary is a document that indicates that the Last Will & Testament of the deceased has been submitted for probate and that the nominated executor is appointed to serve as executor of the will.

Upon the submission of the will to the Surrogate and the issuance of Letters Testamentary, if there are trust provisions which are effective immediately, i.e. they do not require a disclaimer, the proponent of the will can request for Letters of Trusteeship to be issued on the probate petition. If there are no objections, the Surrogate Court may issue both Letters Testamentary and Letters of Trusteeship at the same time.

At Steffy Law P.C. we delegate adequate legal resources to ensure that Letters of Trusteeship are issued to our clients who have previously been designated as trustees of an estate. We offer legal advisory services on how to overcome the challenges that may arise in obtaining the document. We assist our clients in negotiating the difficulties and ensure they are settled in a timely manner so as to facilitate the issuance of the Letters of Trusteeship.

With our many years of experience in probate proceedings and our vast background in business and law, we are able to provide our clients with robust and legally aggressive solutions to facilitate all matters relating to the issuance of Letters of Trusteeship.

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