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Probate administration involves the appointment of a representative to manage the estate of a decedent with the aim of transferring the assets of the decedent to the designated beneficiaries. Probate comes into play when the decedent leaves behind a Last Will & Testament and it involves the legal proceedings used to validate the will and appoint an executor. Through the probate process, the assets of the deceased are collected and distributed to the designated heirs as stipulated in the Will left behind by the deceased. Before the assets are distributed, necessary tax payments are made on the assets.

In the State of New York, Probate proceedings take place in the Surrogate Court which is often colloquially referred to as the Probate Court. The Surrogate refers to the title of the judge in this particular court, and there is at least one Surrogate judge in each county in New York. The Surrogate Court is responsible for all matters relating to Wills and Trusts such as the probate of Wills, the settlements of disputes regarding Wills, the appointment of executors and administrators etc.

The probate process in New York involves a lot of legal procedures that may seem daunting to anyone without legal experience. At Steffy Law P.C., we provide sound legal services with regard to filing of probate petitions with the Surrogate Court. As an executor of a Will, it is your responsibility to hire a capable estate attorney to carry out the probate petition process. We at Steffy Law P.C. possess all the requisite knowledge and experience to offer highly professional services.

Objections can arise over the probate of Wills on account of a number of reasons. Some of these reasons include: undue influence, revocation, lack of testamentary capacity and improper execution of the will. It is important that adequate jurisdiction be provided to ensure that all concerned parties have proper notice of the probate proceedings. This jurisdiction can be in the form of Waivers & Consents signed by the parties involved precluding them from being present during the probate hearings.

At Steffy Law P.C., we are not ignorant of the potential pitfalls associated with probate proceedings in New York. Objections to probate are major obstacle to the execution of a will and can result in contest of the validity of the will. As a result, the legal services we render with regard to probate proceedings take into account these potential pitfalls and we are confident of our ability to help you navigate through them effectively. No matter what these pitfalls and obstacles may be, we are experience enough to help you overcome them and move on to all closeout activities of the probate proceedings.

To discuss the details of your probate related affairs, contact us today at Steffy Law P.C. via phone or email and set up an appointment.

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