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Buying or selling a home is a big financial commitment and adequate understanding of the law is required when engaging in such a transaction. There are many nuances that are contained within the framework of Residential real estate contracts that makes adequate legal representation a necessity. You must understand the law before entering into a legal real estate contract. Our experienced Residential Real Estate Attorney at Steffy Law P.C. can assist you with the proper legal representation to enable you understand all the processes involved. We also help you to draft the necessary documents as well as solving whatever issues arise during the transaction.

At Steffy Law P.C., we work closely with professionals in the real estate business in order to assist our clients in buying and selling residential properties. We provide the necessary legal advice to guide our clients through the entire closing process.

The real estate law in New York is notoriously complicated with many subtleties that require expert legal help to prevent you running into difficulties. Our highly qualified Residential Real Estate lawyer at Steffy Law P.C. is committed to helping you with all the legal groundwork required such as reviewing all legal documents, negotiating on your behalf and helping you with the closing.

When buying or selling a residential property, there are many expenses that are likely to be incurred by both buyer and seller. No matter on what end of the transaction our client belongs, whether buyer or seller, we have the requisite expertise to inform them of these expenses accordingly. We understand the ins and outs of these expenses such as:

  • Marketing and advertising costs

  • Agent/broker negotiations and fees

  • Homeowner’s insurance, title insurance and settlement fees.

  • Mortgage expenses

  • Property taxes

  • Necessary repairs

  • Bank fees

  • Moving expenses

  • Attorney and legal fees

Apart from the fees and expenses listed above, we also make sure the necessary adjustments are made during the final closing process. These adjustments are usually in the form of prorated costs for property taxes and utility fees. This ensures that all taxes and utility payments are made before the contract is closed out.

Are you looking to buy or sell a residential property and are in need of personalized cost effective legal advice and representation? Contact us today at Steffy Law P.C.

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