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One of our core focus areas in Business Law at Steffy Law P.C. is commercial debt collections and judgment enforcement matters. We have vast experience in representing corporate businesses, landlords and other creditors in cases involving debt collection and the enforcement of the right of creditors.

We have assisted many corporate clients in debt collection matters ranging from promissory notes to accounts receivables and even judgment enforcement. We also have experience in liquidating security assets on equipment or vehicle leases through repossession of the asset and pursuit of a deficiency judgment for the balance. At Steffy Law P.C., we represent clients in matters of Collection involving:

  • Debt collection in the form of personal guarantees, loan agreements, negotiable instruments or promissory notes.


  • Enforcement of judgments especially pertaining to cases involving premises liability claims, vicarious liability claims, personal injury, commercial disputes, medical malpractice, industrial accidents etc.


  • Post-judgment litigation and proceedings. These include obtaining discovery from debtors, contempt of court applications, motions and other applications seeking installment payments etc.


  • Disputes that arise based on breach of contract proceedings.

  • Actions of subcontractors and independent contractors to recover unpaid sales commissions and consulting fees.


At Steffy Law P.C., we make concerted efforts to secure debt payment for our clients before suit is necessary. However, if suit is inevitable, once judgment is entered, we ensure that we use all the legal tools at our disposal to locate and restrain assets and income from the debtors that can be applied to the satisfaction of the judgment. We have the capability to ensure the bank accounts of the debtor party freezes funds on deposit by means of restraining notices so as to ensure those funds can be used in paying the debts owed. When attempts to locate assets of the debtors prove unsuccessful, we apply other creative legal means of enforcing the satisfaction of the judgment such as income executions, examination of debtors, information subpoena etc.

For experienced corporate collection solutions that are responsive, aggressive, resourceful and cost effective, get in touch with us Steffy Law P.C. today.

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