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Trust services concerning estate planning and management are a complex branch of the law that involves creative and strategic thinking, as well as significant attention. It is not sufficient to put all the efforts in drafting a will without paying attention to certain issues such as appropriate designation of beneficiaries to retirement accounts or life insurance plans. Doing so will result in undesirable tax burdens. At Steffy Law P.C., we ensure that all parts of your Trust plans fit together.

The administration of Trust requires a comprehensive management of tax efficiency using an approach that is both accurate and efficient. At Steffy Law P.C., we offer full-service representation in all Trust proceedings. Our full spectrum of services in the area of Trust administration includes:

  • Ensuring proper structuring of commercial transactions that arise during the settlement of an estate.


  • Advising our clients on the most viable framework on which to create, amend or overhaul a comprehensive Trust-based estate plan.


  • Providing means by which all estate and gift tax concerns can be addressed while also protecting the interest of our clients in tax audits.


In the area of Trust litigation, we at Steffy Law P.C. offer robust and ethical legal representation for our clients. During the settlement process of an estate, there are bound to be disputes and conflicts which may result in litigations. This is usually as a result of discrepancies that exist between expectations of certain family members and the reality as reflected in the decedent’s estate plan. It takes a skilled legal luminary to handle these delicate matters effectively while still being on top of potential tax concerns and audits.

At Steffy Law P.C., we provide our clients with sound legal advice and insight into ways in which they can protect their estates and thus securing their family’s future. We develop sophisticated strategies to cover all aspects of Trust administration, settlement, litigation and taxes. Our expertise also helps us in providing effective cover for our clients against frivolous litigation from creditors. Occasionally, litigations can occur with respect to various trust instruments based on contests to the interpretation of the will and trust agreements. In such situations, you can count on us to provide adequate legal representation for you.

We always remain current with all the latest developments as concerns legislative and administrative changes to the laws governing Trust administration and litigation. Contact us today and let us safeguard your estate.

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