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It is important to protect the legacy that has been built over the years and to ensure that all the intentions for the appropriation of all property and valuables are properly attended to and distributed when the time comes. We take the concern to relate with every client professionally yet personally to provide legal counsel and implement the wishes of the client.


Estate Planning is an essential entity that anyone should have to be able to secure the future of their loved ones and the assets collected over time against unforeseen circumstances. Steffy Law P.C. will utilize the required level of care and detail in the process.


We provide personalized services that will cater for various requests and provide you the exact solution you are looking for to satisfy your financial and personal needs. We take our responsibility of providing legal advice on the best ways of preserving your assets very seriously and will provide on the current and legally sound advice for all your estate planning need.


It should be noted that wills and trusts are not meant for the elderly alone but for any one that has assets that he/she can transfer to friends, relatives and charity organizations in the event of any untimely demise. We will use all appropriate legal tools to protect your assets for the intended beneficiaries. At Steffy Law P.C, we’ll safeguard your assets by providing professional legal counsel from attorneys with numerous years of experience. Our wills, trusts, and estate law practice areas include:

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