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The New York Health Care Proxy Law allows you, the Principal, to appoint a trusted person such as a spouse, child or friend to make decisions relating to your health in the event that you become incapable of making those decisions yourself due to illness or mental disability. This trusted spouse or child or friend chosen by you is referred to as an Agent. The authority given to the Agent by means of the Health Care Proxy varies from limited to unlimited authority depending on your wishes and all medical institutions are mandated to abide by the provisions set forth by you in the agreement.

At Steffy Law P.C., we have tremendous experience with drafting Health Care Proxy and all the associated legalities that come with it. We are able to offer legally sound advisory services to our clients who wish to draw up such a document. Drafting a Health Care Proxy goes beyond mere choosing a trusted agent and assigning the power to said individual, there are many specific aspects of the agreement that require expert legal attention. Our clients can be rest assured that Health Care Proxy documents drafted by us are detailed and comprehensive.

Health Care Proxy agreements can be revoked at any time by the Principal. This is done by advising the chosen Agent verbally or in writing with respect to the revocation of the agreement. In situations where the Agent is your spouse or partner, the agreement is revoked upon divorce or legal separation unless otherwise stated in the agreement. It is advisable to renew your Health Care Proxy periodically so that is better reflects your wishes which may have changed over time. It is also important to have an alternate Agent specified in the agreement in the event that your primary Agent is unwilling or unable to act, especially in emergency situations. Sometimes, the severity or enormity of the decision may be beyond the Agent, and as such, having a backup is a useful option.

The New York Health Care Proxy agreement is an important document that transfers the right to make decisions regarding your health care to another individual. Having qualified legal counsel during this process is highly recommended. Get in touch with us today at Steffy Law P.C. and let us help you draft a Health Care Proxy that reflects all your needs and wishes as well as put your mind at ease.

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