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One of the many areas of expertise we have at Steffy Law P.C. with regard to real estate is drafting leases for rental apartments. In New York, the rental apartment market is a veritable goldmine for earning valuable income. However, before going into the business it is important that you get proper legal representation and advice.

Being a landlord in New York is more than just simply getting an apartment building and putting it up for rent. There are strict laws that govern rental housing in the State of New York. A proper understanding and compliance with these laws is a necessary requirement for any landlord who wishes to go into the rental business.

The principal document for any rental apartment transaction is the lease agreement. A properly drafted lease document that protects your interests as a landlord and complies with state and municipal laws requires expert legal help. At Steffy Law P.C., we understand the strict nature of the laws and are experienced enough to help you through the entire process.

We at Steffy Law P.C. are aware of the many intricacies involved in leasing agreements in New York. We leverage all of this expertise when drafting a lease agreement for you. Are you an aspiring landlord or do you already have an apartment building you wish to put up for rent? Get in touch with us today and let us help you on your way to becoming a successful landlord.

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