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The loss of a spouse or relative is an especially difficult period and being called upon to handle the affairs of their estate may seem daunting for them. Many people are usually unfamiliar with the process of Estate Administration until they are forced to attend to such matters within their own families.

Administration with respect to the estate of the decedent refers to the process by which his or her assets are collated, accounted for and distributed to the designated heirs of the estate. This is done after all tax payments on the estate have been duly made. This process can be lengthy and complex with further complications arising from the issue such as acceptance of the will by family members etc. in the event that you are facing an Estate Administration situation, contacting us at Steffy Law P.C. as soon as possible is a wise choice.

Depending on the presence or absence of a Last Will & Testament, the Estate Administration process can take one of both ways. The first route is through the Probate process when there is a will left behind by the deceased. Information on our probate services can be found on our website. This portion is dedicated to instances where is no will left behind by the deceased or the will cannot be located. In such a situation, the case goes through a different legal process. The Surrogate Court of New York will request an administration petition along with other pertinent documentations. The Surrogate Court will also issue letters of administration and a family member or close friend will be appointed to act as the administrator of the estate.

Family conflicts arising from the Estate Administration process are a common occurrence. Family members may become dissatisfied and begin to question the distribution of assets. In such emotionally charged periods, it is important to have adequate and experienced legal counsel present to take charge of the situation. At Steffy Law P.C., we ensure that the case runs its course smoothly and that the wishes of your decesed loved one is ultimately honored.

Estate Administration is a difficult and emotionally challenging enterprise. Having us at Steffy Law P.C. handle assisting you in the matter will go a long way in making the process several times more manageable. We provide you with sound legal advisory services backed up by cogent experience in all matters relating to Estate Administration gained over the years. Call us today or send us an email and let us discuss how we can be of service to you.

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