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Steffy Law P.C. is well versed in litigating Landlord/Tenant matters with many years of experience in the area across the boroughs and counties in the State of New York. We are committed to properly and expeditiously litigating all Landlord/Tenant cases from inception to closeout, providing premium quality representation for our clients. Our legal and advisory services for all Landlord/Tenant issues are affordable and produce strong positive results.

In the State of New York, a tenant can be evicted for violating the provisions of the lease or for refusing to pay rent. While these are all cogent reasons for the delivery of an eviction notice, a tenant can also challenge it based on certain legal grounds. The laws governing evictions vary depending on the location of the property in question and the state or local rent regulation that applies to the property.

The services we provide landlords with regard to eviction matters are tailored towards ensuring the process is swift. We leverage all of our expertise to ensure the landlord gets the full value of the rent being owed. We also guide the landlord through all the aspects of the eviction process. The laws of the State of New York make it illegal for a landlord to evict a tenant without a court order duly signed by a judge. So before engaging in “self-help” eviction, come talk to the experts at Steffy Law P.C. and we will put you on the right path to obtaining a legal eviction notice served to your tenant.

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